Parabellum® x Adityalogy PHANTOM VRTX Tech Sneakers

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Parabellum® x Adityalogy PHANTOM VRTX Tech Sneakers


The latest collaboration between Adityalogy, a renowned lifestyle aficionado who has been shaping the Indonesian hype culture over the last decade & Parabellum Tactical Gear proudly delivers PHANTOM VRTX Tech Sneakers, a hybrid technical sneakers with the concept combining mystical, practical & devilishly edgy elements, akin to both parties’ distinctive background

Constructed from scratch to finished using mil-spec materials, the design truly reflects its name. A mysterious dark presence that lures everything around it not to be intimidated but rather to wander & marvel at its mystifying display. The layering method of the upper fabrics emphasized the shield concept to protect the feet whilst the midsole base boast technological advancement with specially formulated pylo-tech material combined with genuine carbon fibre shank for maximum comfort & mobility. Last but not least, the spiky design outsole is made from genuine anti-slip rubber to provide maximum traction in the harshest outdoor surface

Technical Specifications:

  • Mil-spec 1000 D Nylon Fabric
  • YKK Waterproof Seam Sealed Zipper
  • Tech-Knit Stretch & Breathable Fabric
  • High Grade Polyurethane Sealed Toe Cap
  • Premium Weather Resistant Suede Fabric
  • High Density Pylo-Tech Midsole
  • Genuine Carbon Fibre Shank
  • Genuine Anti-Slip Rubber with Proprietary Spike Design Outsole
  • Polyurethane Athletic & Anti Bacterial Insole with Padded Grip




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